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Casa Santosa is dedicated to helping people lead healthier and more fulfilling lives on every level. Alongside our yoga classes, we provide a range of complementary treatments. Our handpicked team of practitioners, across a spectrum of disciplines, offers the highest quality of treatments.

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What is Rolfing®

Rolfing® is a soft tissue manipulation which helps to release deep strains in the body and bring the posture in alignment. A Rolfer® looks at how a person’s stands and walks and brings the body in aligned with gravity.

We often have strain in the connective tissue which we may not be aware of. We may feel restricted in certain movements in our exercises and yoga. Rolfing® helps to release these strains once the Rolfer® is aware of your movements and asana.

The series of Rolfing® is about looking the person and body as a whole. It will look into many areas which includes the feet, the knees, the pelvic, and the upper body. It will address factors such as scoliosis, flat feet, forward hunch of head, imbalance in the body.

Rolfing® with Vincent Lee

Vincent Lee is a Manual Therapist specializing in Rolfing. He received his training in Rolf Institute, founded by Dr. Ida Rolf, Colorado and Sydney and he is the first Certified Rolfer® in Singapore.

As both a Rolfer® and manual therapist, Vincent Lee deals in the area of scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis. He uses different fascial release work to deal people who has specific problems like frozen shoulder, rotation of the hips, flat foot and high arch etc.  And he has broad experience working with both kids and adults.  He has done yoga, pilates and Tai Chi and he knows about core and the body alignment and posture from different perspective.

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