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Casa Santosa is the first private Wellness space where we combine the care of mind and body through the utilization of clinical counseling, holistic treatments and yoga.

Here, we have a different outlook of life. What most would consider as “setbacks”, we see them as opportunities for transformation and growth. Our difficulties (emotional or physical) are here to teach us something about ourselves. We believe healing is possible because of the compassion and love we have for ourselves.




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Peggy Santosa


Those who look outside, dreams; those who look inside, awake. | Carl Jung

Peggy graduated from University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Magna Cum Laude with a Master of Clinical Psychology/ Marriage Family Therapist from Notredame de Namur University. She is currently a member of the National Honor Society of Psychology (Psi Chi), California Association of Marriage Family Therapist (CAMFT) and Singapore Psychological Society (SPS).  She is also a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotherapist.

Peggy started her practice in US treating abused children from families with violence and gang involvement. At the same time, she also volunteered at several suicide prevention hotlines to conduct crisis and suicide intervention. She later expanded her practice to help young people who are involved in gangs, or are clinically depressed, anxious or suicidal. After she moved to Singapore, she worked with a local non-governmental organization that handled court cases from Family and Juvenile Courts to help families to better functional ways of life.

Her life as a yogini started six years ago in a Bikram yoga class. The classes were tough but something kept pulling her back. The first time she completed the whole class, she broke down sobbing and knew that Life had given her a present. That early experience had taught her the value of faith, patience and determination.

Peggy will always feel deep gratitude towards her first yoga teacher, Robin Duffy who had inspired and opened her eyes to a whole new world. Since then, her practice has evolved and she has attended many workshops by many renowned teachers such as Mark Whitwell, Seanne Corn, Desiree Rumbaugh, Bridget Woods-Kramer, Noah Maze, Shiva Rea, and Ana Forest. She had completed a 200-hour teacher training progranmme with Patrick Creelman and Anusara Intensive Level 1 and 2 with Bo Srey.

Through her personal experiences, Peggy founded Casa Santosa. She strongly believes in the mind-body connection. Her yoga practices had helped her become a better clinician, and counseling allowed her to understand what was being revealed about herself during her practices. This led her to believe that combining the healing process through the mind (Clinical counseling) and the body (Treatment and Yoga) is the most efficient and balanced way to find personal strength, transformation and inner peace

Peggy hopes to facilitate others’ journeys inward so that they can regain control and be proactive in their lives.